About Us

About Us

As Maknart, we continue our knowledge and experience that we have gained in the production of Packaging Machines for years by increasing ourselves day by day. We serve with our new and young staff to produce more technological, more innovative, more robust and faster machines.

Our Vision

The principle of "Everything on Time", which we have accepted as our heritage since the first day, constitutes the main vision of our company. The meaning of this vision for us; to make services and investments when necessary and appropriate, to keep up with the rapidly changing era and to lead this change.


Innovation is at the heart of our company's success. Evaluating innovative opportunities and ideas that will create a livable world by developing our economy, creating new business areas and adapting to changes in this way are the basic values created by our deep-rooted infrastructure and experience.


We take responsibility for every job we do, every decision we make, and every word we make. We always prioritize honesty, legality and transparency in our business dealings. It is our main responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development and economic development of the sectors in which we operate. We are also aware of our responsibilities towards the society we live in, the world and nature. As a corporate structure, we continue all our economic and social activities with the awareness of creating a more livable world.