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Special Vertical Packaging Machine Double Weigher
Semi Automatic Filling Machine
Vertical Packing Machine
Vertical Packaging Machine 4 Weigher
Vertical Packing Machine
Vertical Packing Machine Quadro Collar
Double Vertical Packing Machine Quadro Collar

20 Kg Vertical Packing Machine

Continious Vertical Packing Machine

Special Double Weigher Pneumatic Vertical Packaging Machine with Conveyor Belt

Vertical Packing Machine For Coffee

Reverse FlowPack Packaging Machine



We first consider the quality and efficiency of our products, and we follow our customers throughout the entire installation period, train them and provide spare parts support when necessary… To make our machines better, we improve our quality with better ideas.

new challenges

getting bigger

MAKNART is company that has work with many company abroad. We chanlenge our self to be the first company in turkey to ever produce a multi-head weigher machine, 100% made in Turkey; the project is on load and we are on the good way.


the world is our target!

we work with company in: Kenya, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, England, Irak, Tanzania, Grece, Spain. We are trying to go further cause the sky is not the limit!

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