"Not standart solution
but special solution
for your products"

New Generation Machine

With our new design packaging machines, you can work without a need of air (compressor).

Our machines, which are made silently and according to your needs, are non-standard machines made according to your product.

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Volumetric Cup Salt Felling Machine

From project to realization!
Our customer from Spain wanted a specific design for their special cup; so we design a complete solution of their need and the result was a pure satisfaction! You can watch the live video of the final product.

4-Weigher Packaging Machine

Also one of our best sale!
this machines is love buy our customers because it's systems of 4 weigher allows it to scale with better precision and faster products so the speed of the packaging increase!
we also invite you to watch the demo videos.

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With all our expertise and our trust partners we are proud of our quality, specially for the made in Turkey product that we design and build.

Maknart is a growing company that is build he’s name in the packaging industry

Turkish company established in 2017 in Sakarya by a Turkish engineer who's aim is produce better quality product made from Turkey.